Membership Agreement

Around My Way is a non-profit medical cannabis patients’ collective organized to provide members with safe and affordable access to quality medical cannabis products and information by dedicated professionals. Around My Way is a licensed and permitted Medical Cannabis Dispensary and operate in strict accordance with CALIFORNIA (CA) law. By signing up you agree to the following terms and conditions and represent that all of the following statements are true:

I. Terms of Use

a. This agreement defines the rights, terms, and conditions of membership in Around My Way, a medical cannabis dispensing collective operating pursuant to a license issued by the City and County of Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (CA).

b. Around My Way membership is granted on an individual basis and is subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

c. Membership entitles qualified patients access to Around My Way’ products and use of our services during operating hours, subject to restrictions that may be amended at our discretion.

II. Eligibility for Membership

To be eligible for membership with Around My Way, the member must:

a. Be a qualified customer as defined by CALIFORNIA (CA) Health and Safety Codes

b. Possess a valid and verifiable physician’s recommendation for medical cannabis;

c. Possess valid, government-issued identification verifying customer is at least 18 years of age at the time of application;

d. Possess proof of CALIFORNIA (CA) residency.

III. Disclosures

a. Around My Way is a cultivation-collective (pursuant to CALIFORNIA (CA) Health & Safety Codes ) that exists to facilitate the collaborative efforts of customer and caregiver members in cultivating and distributing medical cannabis. Around My Way does not purchase marijuana from or sell to non-members, but merely exists to provide a means for facilitating and coordinating transactions between members of Around My Way collective.

b. Around My Way operates as a CALIFORNIA (CA) non-profit mutual-benefit corporation, and Around My Way collective delegates authority for operation and management of the collective to the corporation’s duly appointed or elected Executive Committee.

c. Around My Way operates in a not-for-profit manner. In accordance with applicable state and local laws, compensation is only received for the reasonable costs of operating the dispensary, including compensation incurred for services provided to qualified patients to enable that customer to transport cannabis pursuant to CALIFORNIA (CA) Health & Safety Codes , or for payment of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in providing those services, or both. Reasonable out-of-pocket expenses may include expenses for customer services, rent or mortgage, utilities, employee costs, furniture, maintenance and reserves. Sale of medical cannabis to cover anything other than reasonable compensation and out-of-pocket expenses is explicitly prohibited.

d. All medical cannabis distributed by Around My Way is manufactured and processed in the State of CALIFORNIA (CA) and has not left the state before arriving for distribution among Around My Way members.

e. All activities related to the cultivation of medical cannabis conducted by Around My Way in Sacramento comply with applicable state and local laws including, but not limited to, building and planning codes. Around My Way operates in compliance with CALIFORNIA (CA) Health Code and with CALIFORNIA (CA) Health & Safety Codes , and the CALIFORNIA (CA) Attorney General Guidelines. If State or Local law is violated, the permit to operate may be revoked or suspended.

f. All medical cannabis distributed by Around My Way has been cultivated by our collective or by our members individually.

g. All edible forms of medical cannabis distributed by Around My Way have been manufactured by our collective or by our members individually.

h. Charitable Giving Policy: In compliance with state and local law, Around My Way operates in a not-for-profit manner and collects reimbursements from members for reasonable expenses associated with cultivating and distributing medical cannabis to Around My Way patients. Further, Around My Way is committed to helping our members and the community by providing subsidized services and other charitable contributions. Around My Way reserves the right to levy a surcharge on transactions between members and the collective to fund these activities. By signing this contract, member acknowledges and consents to contribute to these efforts. Member acknowledges that Around My Way is not a tax-exempt organization under applicable state or federal revenue codes.

i. The CALIFORNIA (CA) Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment added marijuana smoke to its list of chemicals known to cause cancer. Member hereby acknowledges receipt of this notice.

IV. Membership Standards of Behavior and Responsibilities; Use and Verification of Personal Health Information

a. By signing this membership contract you acknowledge and agree that Around My Way may use or disclose for verification purposes the contents and authenticity of the recommendation for which the facility has been provided by you in the form of a written recommendation and/or approval by a qualified and licensed CALIFORNIA (CA) physician.

b. By signing this agreement you acknowledge the authenticity of this document and the information you have provided and continue to provide to the facility is a true and faithful representation of the truth to the best of your ability under penalty of perjury.

c. By signing this membership contract you agree that Around My Way or its Affiliate Collective Associates and/or Associations may disclose your voluntarily-provided personal health care information, approval and or any paper work provided to Around My Way to the aforementioned approving or recommending physician and/or affiliate collective facilities for the purposes of verifying the authenticity of said approval and/or recommendation.

V. Membership Standards of Behavior and Responsibilities; Termination

By signing this agreement you acknowledge receipt and understanding of Around My Way’ Membership Code of Conduct. Member further understands that violation of the Code of Conduct may result in immediate termination of membership at Around My Way collective or other disciplinary remedies as appropriate. Member acknowledges that Around My Way may, at their discretion, amend and update this Code of Conduct. Around My Way reserves the right to terminate this agreement with any member at any time.

VI. Informed Consent

You acknowledge that Around My Way makes no claims, of any sort, on behalf of any products, services, or treatment protocols for any condition whatsoever (despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary). You understand that you should continue to seek professional medical consultation and monitoring while using any cannabis product.

VII. Waiver; Indemnification

a. Member Risk: In consideration of services rendered to you by Around My Way, you agree, for yourself and your heirs, executors and assigns, to hold Around My Way harmless from any loss, theft, cost, claim, injury, damage or liability (“Damages”) incurred as a result of the use of Around My Way products or services provided by Around My Way. You have been informed and acknowledge that Around My Way makes no claims as to medical results that can be obtained through use of Green Cross products and have neither suggested nor will suggest any medical treatment to members. You understand that cannabis remains a prohibited substance under Federal law and accept all risk associated with its possession and consumption.

b. Acknowledgements: You understand that your monetary contributions to Around My Way, if any, are used to support the continued operation of Around My Way and that this transaction in no way constitutes commercial promotion. You declare that you will not deliver any product obtained from Around My Way to any other person not authorized by CALIFORNIA (CA) law to possess them.

VIII. Amendments

Member acknowledges that Around My Way reserves the right to amend or update this agreement periodically and will provide proper notice to the member in the event of any change in terms. Any amendment initiated by the member must be signed, and agreed to in writing and approved by a director or manager of the collective.



1. Members must be at least eighteen (18) years old and must present valid, government-issued, identification and proof of status as a valid CALIFORNIA (CA) medical customer upon receipt of all medical cannabis products and services by Around My Way.

2. Members shall be limited to state limits of cannabis per order, without exceptions.

3. All medicine obtained through Around My Way is for the personal, medical use of the member. Medicine may not be resold or redistributed for any reason.

4. Members and staff are to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. Offensive, abusive and/or threatening language and/or behavior will not be tolerated for any reason.

5. Members are required to check the contents of the delivery before Around My Way driver leaves and must try to resolve any issues with the driver. If the member fails to resolve the issue with the driver directly, have the driver call our office to speak with the shift manager or community liaison. However, rest assured we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all products sold at Around My Way.

6. To discuss problems with staff, please ask to speak to the manager on duty.

7. Members shall not photograph, record audio/video, or broadcast any activities concerning Around My Way without prior written consent from an authorized agent.

8. For safety’s sake, place all medication out-of-sight upon completing your transaction with Around My Way.